Molly Mangan ’17 (Nursing) @molldoll113 on Instagram

by the numbers

Thanks to you, the Libraries being open means more than just our doors. We are
open to change, to reexamining the past and continuously reinventing our future.

To every single person who openly believes in the UMass Amherst Libraries, to the
thousands of students who use the W. E. B. Du Bois, Science & Engineering, and
Wadsworth Libraries, to the faculty, staff, and librarians who each and every day believe and prove that they are making an impact on students’ lives—we say: Thank you.

Because of you, our hearts and minds are open to breaking barriers to education, to
involving all voices in knowledge creation, and to a better shared future for our society.

Top photo: Molly Mangan ’17 (Nursing) @molldoll113 on Instagram

Dollars raised

gifts made to the libraries

Number of Donors who made gifts

Percentage increase in dollars raised during UMassGives

Number of donors who made gifts to the Du Bois Center –100% INCREASE

number of donors who gave unrestricted gifts

percentage increase in First Time Donors COMPARED TO LAST year

percentage of donors who renewed their support of the Libraries (77 percent aRE alumni)


Jeffrey and Kimberly Ames who graduated from UMass in 2018
Jeffrey and Kimberly Ames

“We believe that the library is one of the most important buildings on any campus. It offers research, technology, inviting spaces to collaborate, as well as the traditional quiet place to study.

We hope that the W. E. B. Du Bois Library continues to offer students excellent print and electronic resources. We also hope the library continues to offer spaces that are inviting to students and programs that support their academic endeavors.

My employer makes matching gifts an easy process. It is a two-step process that takes very little time.

We have attached a photo of our (twin) children, Jeffrey and Kimberly, who graduated from UMass in 2018. It is a photo from their graduation celebration.” —Jonathan ’94 and Susan Ames

Meghan Banach Bergin and Pat Banach


Mother and daughter library donors Meghan Banach Bergin—who currently works as Metadata Coordinator in the libraries, and Pat Banach—who after 31 years retired as Associate Director for Collection Management in 2003—have been collectively giving to the libraries for 40 years.

Three “generations” of Head of Cataloging

Irene Kavanaugh; Pat Banach holding daughter Kate; front: Meghan Banach Bergin.

Left to right: Irene Kavanaugh celebrating her 25th anniversary at the Libraries, ca.1982; Pat Banach holding daughter Kate; front: Meghan Banach Bergin. Though the title has changed over the years along with technology, pictured are three generations of Head of Cataloguing (or its equivalent!)