Rocking Out with Stephen Kellogg

Before rocking out to an enthusiastic crowd in Bowker Auditorium on September 22, Stephen Kellogg ’98 paid an overdue visit to the Libraries.

Dean Nandita Mani gave him the grand tour, starting in the Digital Media Lab with sound booths, VR/AR rooms, and even a 3D printed Ukelele made in the Lab. Kellogg marveled at how much the Libraries have changed since he last studied there in the late 90s.

“I wish this was all here when I was here,” he said, “this is cool!”

Kellogg also visited the Robert S. Cox Special Collections and University Archives Research Center, where he was able to look at music memorabilia, including a vintage poster for an early Bob Dylan concert. A self-described archivist, Kellogg commented that he, too, has boxes of leaflets advertising his performances at Van Meter and Orchard Hill when he was still a student.

“We would go and stick the fliers all over campus,” he smiled, reminiscing. “It’s pretty amazing to see a flier like that for Bob Dylan.”

After signing Dean Mani’s copy of his new book, Objects in the Mirror: Thoughts on a Perfect Life from an Imperfect Person, Kellogg thanked the Libraries for the “hero’s welcome” and promised to return again soon.

“This was fun!” he said. He laughed, gesturing to the Libraries. “I caught up with it all!”

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